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Exciting Changes Happening at WagsInn!


There are exciting changes happening at WagsInn. First of all, most importantly, WagsInn along with all the dogs and their caretakers are staying right here. I still own and operate WagsInn Dog Lodging & Canine Charities Rescues. However, I am moving to Springfield. I married my husband in May. We bought a home, and now plan to live with each other after being together for 12 years. A new season has begun....

What is exciting about my move is that my niece and nephew, Stephanie and Earl Albert, along with their 2 kids, Evan and Violet, and dog, Fern, are moving into Wags! Stephanie has been with Wags for almost 4 years and Earl has been here for over six. Stephanie was hired for part time in 2020. It was apparent from the beginning she would take on more responsibilities. In 2022, I promoted Stephanie to the Operations Manager. I could now concentrate more on the Canine Charities side of the business!

Earl is our Grounds Maintenance Supervisor. He has the responsibility of taking care of our 25 acres and 3 facilities. You may also see him driving your dogs back and forth in the new WagsInn van!

Let me take a few minutes to explain how WagsInn Dog Lodging began and how I have come full circle. Over 25 years ago, I began rescuing dogs who were not healthy, not socialized, and had no homes. I started watching other families' dogs to make money to care for the rescues. Soon, we were watching 20 dogs then 50 then 100 dogs and we have continued to grow. Growth in the business means growth in the number of rescues we can take in. Currently, we have a customer base of approximately 3000, a staff of 18, and 26 rescues. Through these years we have helped over a 1000 dogs find their new homes. We have helped families who wanted to keep their dogs, but were in a life situation where they needed our help. As far back as I can remember I have been driven to help animals. During these last 25 years as Wagsinn grew, my time was divided between the profit side and the non profit side. In my world one can not exist without the other. Now, with the incredible staff and Stephanie’s new position, I am able to focus more on what my heart has always desired to do and that is take care of animals in need. I have come full circle...

I am excited to share this journey with my niece and nephew. Our partnership is based on love, trust and respect. I am handing over the administrative and supervisory duties to Stephanie while I happily spend all my time out with dogs!!!! As always, I am available if you need anything. I am not leaving WagsInn, I am only sleeping in a different home.

Thank you to all of you for bringing your dogs to WagsInn. Stephanie, Earl and I look forward to what this next season brings! With sincere appreciation to everyone, yours truly,

Lori Wolcott (D’Arrigo)

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