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    Pet Information Disclosure

    Feeding Instructions

    Food and Meals

    Naps and Bedtime

    suitecomfy cratecolossal cratehoundstooth

    Your dog's temperament and personality traits

    Your dog doesn't like: (checkmark what applies to your dog)

    Ears touched
    Sudden moves
    Other dogs
    Loud noises
    People near food
    Held by the collar
    Sharing dishes or water bowls

    Has your dog ever: (describe even mild situations)


    Client Contract

    Please read the following information carefully before initialing and signing below. Your initials and signature confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the following:

    Your dog will be with other dogs in a fenced in yard. Although every attempt is made to socialize the dogs,
    problems may occur. Wags Inn needs to be informed if your dog should be isolated from other dogs.

    WagsInn, agrees to exercise all due and reasonable care of your dog. Should your pet be injured or ill, WagsInn will attempt to notify you. It will be at our discretion to determine the Vet or Animal Hospital your dog will be taken to. We shall have the right to administer medicine or give other advisable attention. Any vet bill will be the responsibility of the owner.

    Although your dog/s are vaccinated for kennel cough there are many strands the vaccination does not cover and your dog may be exposed to such virus or any canine virus.

    The boarding charge for your dog will be $45.00 to $55.00 per night per dog. (Depending on sleeping arrangements). People-only dogs will be an additional $10/day. Pick up before 10am will be at no charge for that day. Pick-ups after 10am will be a full days charge. There are no early pick ups on Sunday. Pickups and drop offs on Sunday are between 4pm and 5pm. WagsInn is not open on holidays. Owner is responsible for providing food. A daily fee of $3.00 will be added to your bill if WagsInn provides the food. Payment in form of cash check visa or master card is due at pickup or at the time of delivery at your home.

    WagsInn provides transportation to and from Wags Inn. Lori Wolcott or agents of WagsInn are not to be held
    responsible for any injury during transport.

    Please Draw Initials

    As owner of the pet specified above, the undersigned does acknowledge that there is a risk of confrontation
    between my dogs and other dogs residing at the Wolcott premises, and I do therefore wave, give up and discharge
    Lori Wolcott individually and doing business as WagsInn, her agents and assigns from any claim of liability
    resulting from injury to my said pet, my pet running away theft, fire, illness or injury to persons. I do further
    agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said Lori Wolcott from and against any veterinary medical bill which
    might be reasonably incurred by Lori Wolcott, and her agents for the benefit of my said pet and do agree to pay
    the same.

    Please Draw Your Signature


    Emergency Medical Authorization

    If the staff of WagsInn believes your dog requires medical attention, WagsInn will promptly seek a vet. My staff or I will notify you immediately after we have the diagnosis. In case we cannot reach you, WagsInn will notify your emergency contact. However, if we cannot reach anyone, the decision of treatment will be at Wags Inn's discretion along with the advisement of the vet. As the owner, I give authorization to Lori Wolcott individually and doing business as Wags Inn, and her agents to decide in the best interest of our dog any medical treatment our dog should require. As the owner, I authorize the Veterinarian to perform any procedure or surgery necessary for the health and well being of my dog.
    Any bill incurred is the responsibility of the owner.

    Please Draw Your Signature


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