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Dear Daycare Parents,


Wow this summer is flying by and it’s been a good time!!   We have a few changes pertaining to daycare. First of all, because of employee medical issues, staff vacations and a full house of guest’s dogs staying at WagsInn we will not have daycare starting on Monday, August 7 through Monday, August 14. Daycare will resume on Tuesday August 15.


Second, after much consideration to the amount of activity on Mondays, we have decided it’s in the best interest of the daycare dogs not to have daycare on Mondays.  Beginning with the Week of August 14th we will no longer have daycare on any Monday. Daycare will be available for your dogs from Tuesday through Friday.


In addition, we want to make sure the day your dog comes to daycare is the best day for him. So if you could please call ahead to set up daycare for your dogs so we can plan for him being here.  To discuss your dogs best day to come call our office and talk with Tina or Laura about which day is the best day depending on the other dogs that are here that day. There are some dogs that would rather not play with each other and there are some dogs who we want to make sure their best buddy is here to play too!!!


We appreciate your understanding about not having daycare next week. Please feel free to contact myself or the office with any questions you have regarding your dog and their play days at WagsInn.


We look forward to seeing them again soon, Lori

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